As a military family with a move to Camp Naval Station Everett on the horizon, you may have many things to take care of on top of understanding your financing options for a new property. This includes determining your eligibility for a VA home loan as well as finding out your remaining entitlement.

You can find out more about what to expect from the move in this handy guide.

Location and Basic Information

As suggested by its name, this camp station is situated in the city of Everett. It is located just 25 miles from Seattle, making it easily accessible. As a base for the United States Navy, the base is located at Puget Sound, on the waterfront of the city. A separate Navy Support Complex can be found in Smokey Point, which is 11 miles away from Everett.


Before 1983, there was a naval reservation on the current site of Camp Naval Station Everett. The base as we know it today only came into existence in 1983 when a new naval base was suggested in Puget Sound. This was approved by Congress as the building of a base here would allow fleets to be dispersed from main concentration areas.


Finding safe, affordable, and suitable housing for your family can be a job in itself. Here is where you should not hesitate to seek professional help if you require it. When you engage our services at West Coast Veterans, we can connect you with a real estate agent who has experience in serving military buyers. This is on top of reviewing financial documents, confirming your entitlement, and making the most suitable recommendations going forward.

Amenities and Services

You will never be short of things to do in and around Camp Naval Station Everett. If you are moving with a family, you will be pleased to know that there are many programs youth and children can engage in on the base. From special events to a summer camp, your children will be part of a community that allows them to grow and thrive. Families who require childcare will also find a number of options open to them.

Things to Do

With many parks, campgrounds, and picnic areas in and around the base, you will find many opportunities for fun days out. This includes the Cliffside RV Park, where you can catch wonderful sunsets and wake up to a view that overlooks the San Juan Islands, Vancouver Island, and the Olympic Peninsula. The Jim Creek Recreation Area is also easily accessible from your base, being just 1.5 hours away from Seattle.

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