My daughter Riley Barlow, youngest of four, and I razor clam digging on the beach. My dad got us started digging clams as kids back in the 70s, and we still do it today.

Hi, I’m Tim Barlow, the Founder and President of West Coast Veterans, a licensed mortgage brokerage specializing in veteran-focused lending. We’ve been serving the needs of active- duty and veteran homeowners for decades, helping them to maximize their VA loan benefits. 

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer using your VA loan eligibility or this is your second time making use of your VA loan benefits, we can help you sort out all the complexities, allowing you to be stress-free during the loan process. 

I started this company by specializing in working with active-duty military and veterans at the beginning of my career. My company has served homeowners all over Washington State and the Puget Sound/JBLM communities. We help our clients with VA purchase loans as well as VA cash out refinancing. I also serve as a Mortgage Advisor to some of the top real estate agents in the Puget Sound region. 

I went to Pierce College/formerly Fort Steilacoom Community College, and moved on to Central Washington University where I got a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Later, I received an MBA from City University in Tacoma, WA in 2000, with a specialization in Managerial Leadership. 

How I Got Started as a VA Lender 

I started West Coast Veterans in 2001 after noticing a common trend. I found that military buyers really needed a lot of help,  especially when it came to JBLM reassignments. I took it on as my job to remove the stress from everyone’s PCS, whether they were overseas or in the states.   

Thinking back, I used to meet military clients and veterans for appointments all over the place around JBLM. I met people in coffee shops, restaurants, and anywhere an active-duty soldier or veteran wanted me to meet them. One of the most common places I met soldiers was around the Dupont gate at the Starbucks there. That was back in the day when we did paper loan applications! 

In 2013, I was able to purchase a commercial office space in Lacey Corporate Center, with a large military population just a couple of miles from my home. Buying this commercial space allowed me to better serve our military service members, as I was now available closer to JBLM military base.  

Since then, I continue to help many active-duty service members PCSing to JBLM, and throughout the state of Washington. 

At West Coast Veterans, We Specialize In: 

  • Conventional loans  
  • VA home loans 
  • FHA loans
  • USDA and construction loans 
  • Manufactured home financing 
  • VA jumbo loans and conventional jumbo loans 

Family is Important to Me 

I have four kids, and extended family, and a lot of them have worked in my office in some capacity, whether it was cleaning, post-closing files, doing database administration, or marketing and social media. I enjoy being around my family, and involving them in the work I do. 

My Personal Connection to the Military—

My personal connection to the military came in the form of a lot of VA refinance loans from 2001 to 2002, and then the real estate agent community started to recognize me and send me their military clients. They knew I had a very good track record and could be trusted, and that meant a lot to me.   

I used to drive around JBLM in the early 2000s with advertisements on my vehicle. This would lead to a bunch of military service people calling me and following me around— sometimes just to talk about their VA loan benefits. 

My company motto is “let us take the stress out of your next PCS” and I've instilled the values of hard work, and doing things right the first time with our team at West Coast Veterans. 

When I’m not working as a Mortgage Advisor, I like to go boating on the Puget Sound with my better half, Mary. We enjoy razor clam digging, shooting guns, snowboarding, fishing for salmon, steelhead, trout, or bass, and really any kind of fishing—saltwater or freshwater. I also like to ride street bikes with my brother, hang out with my kids, grandkids, and the rest of my family.

Why Work With Me?

Here’s What I Bring to the Table:

Experience, energy, drive, and transparency. And I love to educate people, so I can make the process smoother and easier for them. 

I also pride myself on offering my clients competitive rates and on-time closings, especially with the higher home prices that we have to contend with lately.  

Thank you for betting on WestCoastVeterans.com

Tim Barlow, President 

“The great Scottie B” My Father Scottie Barlow who served in the Air Force in the 60’s

My father Scottie Barlow served in the US Air Force and one time made me shine all of his shoes 6 times. He wasn’t happy with the first 5 times I shined them and finally on the 6th go round I finally made it up to his standards. This is an example of how I was raised which allowed me to take on a job and do it right the first time. Between him and my mom Diane Barlow we couldn’t get anything past them as kids and we were taught to work hard, get things done and be self-sufficient.  It’s where I learned to work very hard and developed the skills to do things quickly.

We have instilled this thinking in our staff and we work hard so you don’t have to stress out through the home buying or refinance process.

When I’m not doing loans I like to go boating out on the Puget Sound with my better half Mary, razor clam digging, shooting guns, snowboarding, fishing for Salmon, Steelhead, trout, or bass (really any kind of fishing salt or fresh), riding street bikes with my brother or hanging out with my kids, grandkids and the rest of my family.

Experience | Energy | Drive | Transparency | Competitive Rates | On-Time Closings

Thank you for betting on WestCoastVeterans.com

Tim Barlow President/Hard Worker/People pleaser