What To Know About JBLM

Is a move to the Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) on the horizon for you and your family? If so, you may have a few questions about the base before making the move. Thankfully, there’s a lot of information out there you can tap on, especially considering the fact that JBLM is a large base that offers double the services of many other sites.

There’s a Support Group Out There

Regardless of the unique circumstances you and your family are in, chances are that someone has been there, done that at a base the size of JBLM. Whether you are a special needs family looking for resources or a military wife pregnant with your first child, you are likely to find a social media group where you can get the support you need.

You Have Plenty of Housing Options

Whether you choose to live on the base itself or off it, you will find that there are plenty of housing options in and around JBLM. The majority of housing on-site has either been recently built or renovated, and plenty of off-site options are available just 20 to 30 minutes from the gates. Regardless of the specific type of housing you go for in the end, you can make use of the VA home loan to finance it.

Amenities Are Akin to Those of a Small Town

Not only can you find a dog park for walking your furry family members on-site, other amenities you can make use of include soccer fields, baseball fields, a track stadium as well as an accessible children’s playground.

In addition, if you are looking to continue your education, you will find many study areas throughout the site as well as a computer lab and bookshop. There are also a number of classes offered at JBLM in partnership with five different colleges!

There’s Plenty to See and Do

Did you know that JBLM is located between two cities: Olympia and Tacoma? Because of its strategic location, there’s plenty to see and do in the area, whether you fancy traveling an hour to Seattle or exploring Mount Rainier during your free time. Not only that, you will find that there are many destinations to consider for family days out!

Our Team at West Coast Veterans Can Assist with PCS Plans to JBLM

If a move to JBLM is coming up for you, you can trust our team at West Coast Veterans to devise a PCS plan that will work for you. All you need to do is give us a call, inform us of your report date and we can start making plans ahead of your arrival. You will need to get your financial documents ready for review as well as let us know your purchase price.

From there, we can start to make the most suitable options for you based on your remaining entitlement, or even suggest that you make the switch to another loan program altogether. We have been helping military buyers and families make the move since 2001, and we can help you, too!

For over two decades, we've been assisting active-duty service members and veterans all over the state of Washington and in Puget Sound. Feel free to read all about us at www.PCStoJBLM.com.

PCS To North Fort Lewis

Is a permanent change of station (PCS) to North Fort Lewis on the cards for you and your family? There are many things you may need to do to get ready for the big move, not least of all confirming your eligibility and entitlement for the VA home loan. If you are at a loss regarding your financing options, the good news is that our professional team at West Coast Veterans can assist you with the entire process from start to finish.

You can find out some essential information about North Fort Lewis in this guide.

Location and Basic Information

North Fort Lewis is part of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM). It is located in Pierce County, Washington. Being located at JBLM puts you within close proximity of cities such as Olympia, Tacoma, Lakewood, and Seattle. You will find that your new base is easily accessible from airports and Interstate highways and that there are plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities in the area.


You have two main options when it comes to housing in North Fort Lewis: on-base or off-base. With a little more than 5,000 houses on-base, many military families choose to look in the neighboring cities for accommodation. If you have children, one thing you will need to consider is the presence of highly-rated schools where you are looking to settle.

Regardless of the housing option you choose to go for, you may need some help and advice with navigating your VA home loan. This is something that should be left to a professional team such as West Coast Veterans.

Amenities and Services

The services and amenities you can find at JBLM are some of the best that can be found on military bases nationwide. The merger of two bases means that JBLM is able to offer double the number of services and amenities. On-base, you can expect to find parks, playgrounds, soccer fields, libraries, a wellness center, and more. Families who require childcare will also find that their needs can be met here.

Things to Do

From your base at North Fort Lewis, you will be able to reach Seattle within an hour. This provides you with many possibilities for day trips and sightseeing. If you love the great outdoors, why not pay a visit to Mount Rainier National Park or take a ferry to Anderson Island during your downtime?

Lift the Load of PCS Planning Off Your Shoulders

PCS planning may be the last thing you wish to worry about when you are preparing your family to make a big move. When that’s the case, you can turn to our knowledgeable team at West Coast Veterans to lift the load off your shoulders.

All we require from you are a few details and financial documents, and from there, we will get to work making the most suitable recommendations for your needs. We have successfully helped many military families and veterans across the nation and even worldwide relocate to Washington, and you can be sure that we will make your move a success, too!

Since 2001, we've been assisting active-duty service members and veterans all over the state of Washington and in Puget Sound. Feel free to read all about us at www.PCStoJBLM.com.

PCS To McChord Air Force

Will you be making a permanent change of station (PCS) to McChord Air Force in the near future? If so, you will want to start planning for the move in advance. This is especially true when it comes to researching your housing options and determining your eligibility for the VA home loan. It’s wise to engage professional help with understanding your financing options, especially if you need to confirm your entitlement.

In this guide, we share with you more information about making a PCS to McChord Air Force.

Location and Basic Information

McChord Air Force is one-half of the Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM). It is also one of the most requested transfer bases in the military because of the wide range of services and amenities that can be enjoyed here. JBLM is strategically located near major cities such as Tacoma, Olympia, and Seattle, however, you can enjoy stunning views of Mount Rainier and hear the waves of the Pacific Ocean in the distance from your base!


Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force merged to become a joint base in 2010. The United States Air Force only started functioning as a separate branch of the military in 1947. Despite this, JBLM has over 100 years of history as Camp Lewis was first established in 1917.


Although there are both on- and off-site housing options at McChord Air Force, there are only a little over 5,000 properties on JBLM itself, some of which are undergoing renovation. Many military families choose to stay in the neighboring cities, which include Lakewood, Olympia, and Tacoma among others. Regardless of whether you choose to stay on or off-base, you may need some help navigating your VA home loan or refinancing options.

Amenities and Services

JBLM is well known for the comprehensive range of services and amenities provided on the base. The McChord Health and Wellness Center provides nutritional and fitness classes for members, and service members who are transitioning to civilian life can seek advice from the Hawk Career Center. Families will also find lots of support onsite, with a family advocacy program, a Family Resource Center, a children’s library, and more.

Things to Do

Being based at McChord Air Force means that you can always find plenty to do in the area. Whether you wish to go sledding and snowboarding at Mount Rainier National Park or hop on a ferry to Anderson Island, there are many great destinations for solo trips as well as family outings.

PCS Planning Can Be Made Easy with West Coast Veterans

When you require help with PCS planning, West Coast Veterans is the right team to come to. With over 20 years of experience helping military families relocate to bases around Washington, you can rest assured that we keep abreast of the latest market conditions and VA guidelines. This ensures that we are in the best position to advise you and help to make your move go as smoothly as possible! Our team is driven by energy, experience, drive, and transparency, and you can be sure of on-time closings and competitive rates when you engage our services.

Since 2001, we've been assisting active-duty service members and veterans all over the state of Washington and in Puget Sound. Feel free to read all about us at www.PCStoJBLM.com.