Other VA Loan ProgramsOther Loan Programs

Although our specialty is VA home loans we do Conventional, FHA and USDA and manufactured homes under these loan types.

If you have used your entitlement and don’t have enough to use it for the 2nd time that is where these other loans come into play.

Conventional FHA and USDA are other alternatives for you if for some reason you are unable to use your entitlement or you have specific reason why you are not able to use your VA Entitlement for any reason.

So if you need to go another route, we can certainly help you as well as we provide:

  • Conventional- 3 or 5% or more down options and we can also discuss the first time home buyer programs
  • FHA is another option with 3.5% down (let us discuss this option with you and see if it is the right fit for you) please get ride of the USDA verbiage
  • USDA is another government program that is used, this has an income limit for household and you can only buy in USDA areas. (we will help you decide if this is a viable option for you)
  • We also have loans for Manufactured Homes with all the above loan types. We will help you decide what loan is the right one for you based on your financials, type of property you are buying and a few other factors as well as property condition.

Keeping Bankers Hours

We work evenings and weekends so do don’t worry about us keeping bankers hours. If you are PCS’ing here into Washington State please click here Planning Your PCS At West Coast Veterans a VA Home Purchase can be used to acquire a stick built property or a manufactured home (if you do decide to do a manufactured home they must be June 1976 or greater in age, double wide, on real property and be in average plus condition.
There are some other nuisances of Manufactured Homes but we’ve been doing them for many years and we’ll help you understand them if you decide to go this route. If you already have a VA Home Loan, you can do a VA Cash out to take monies for anything form college tuition, debt consolidation, home improvements and many other purposes.
  • From time to time the banks may cap you at the amount of funds you can finance, currently they fluctuate at 90% to 100% of the value of your home. We will update you with what is happening currently in the markets.
  • VA Irrrl Rate Reduction Refinance Loan, here you can lower your rate, with no appraisal, no financials and no income. (give us a call to discuss these options more in detail) Don’t forget to see our PCS Planning Section so you can see what we need to do for you to get ready to buy a home when you PCS here or if you are already at your duty station. Or just click on Apply Now and finish an application. That way we have all the information needed to help you on your way to navigating your VA Home Loan.