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If you are a military family who will be relocating to Pierce County soon, you may be looking for professional advice to help you understand your VA loan eligibility. When that’s the case, you can turn to our team at West Coast Veterans with full confidence.

VA Loans for Pierce County Community

After you have determined that you are eligible for VA loans as a surviving spouse, active military personnel, or veteran, below is some useful information to take note of:

  • VA Home Loan Advantages: With no need to pay extra for private mortgage insurance (PMI) each month, you can expect to make lower monthly payments with a VA home loan.
  • First Time Homebuyers: You will be able to afford your first home much sooner with a VA loan as the qualifications for approval are much less stringent.
  • VA Loan Contract Guidelines: Throughout your term, you should put off any job changes, make sure you don’t miss any monthly payments, and avoid changing banks.
  • Homeowners’ Responsibilities: Getting adequate homeowners’ insurance may be a prerequisite for your VA loan. Always make sure to check what’s required before closing.

VA Refinance for Pierce County Community

You have the following refinancing options available to you:

  • VA Streamline Refinance: This refinancing option also goes by the VA IRRRL. The main purpose is to provide you with a direct financial benefit, whether that is lowering your monthly payment or allowing you to make the switch to a fixed-rate mortgage from an adjustable rate mortgage.
  • VA Cash Out Refinance: If you require cash urgently for any reason, you may wish to go with the VA cash out refinancing option. It also allows you to turn a non-VA loan into one backed by the government.

Other VA Loan Programs for Pierce County Community

If you need another type of loan, you can find out more information here:

  • VA Renovation Loan can help with the costs of renovation and remodeling
  • VA Jumbo Loan may be suitable if you require a higher loan amount that the VA home loan can provide
  • … and more!

PCS Planning for Pierce County Community

Many changes are in store if you are going through a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) soon. One of the most pressing will be finding a home for you and your family, and you will also need a way of financing it. To help you understand your VA eligibility and figure out the best option based on your circumstances, we offer PCS planning services.

We will carry out a thorough evaluation of your needs based on the financial documents you provide us with. From there, we will assist you throughout every step of the lending process.

Why Choose West Coast Veterans for Your VA Home Loans?

Our team at West Coast Veterans is made up of professionals who understand the needs and concerns that military families have. We are here to help you successfully navigate through the process of obtaining your VA home loan or refinancing option. Let us take care of all the details so you can move without stress,

If you have any questions about our VA home loans for Pierce County community, feel free to contact us today.

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