Welcome To Naval Station Everett Community

If you are a military family who will be making the move to Naval Station Everett soon, our team at West Coast Veterans is here to help you sort through your financing options. With more than 20 years of experience helping veterans and active duty military personnel to relocate, we are confident of making your move a success too.

VA Loans for Naval Station Everett Community

There are a few things you need to take note of when applying for a VA home loan:

  • VA Home Loan Advantages: With no downpayment required and no need for private mortgage insurance (PMI), there are many advantages to getting a VA home loan.
  • First Time Homebuyers: You will face a much lower barrier to first time homeownership due to the lower monthly payments and interest rates you can expect to pay.
  • VA Loan Contract Guidelines: Throughout the period where your loan contract is in effect, you should avoid changing banks, moving money around, or exceeding your credit card limits.
  • Homeowners’ Responsibilities: You will be required to have adequate homeowners’ insurance coverage before closing on a loan.

VA Refinance for Naval Station Everett Community

The two VA refinancing options available to you include:

  • VA Streamline Refinance: The main purpose of this refinancing option, also known as the VA IRRRL, is to provide you with a direct financial benefit, such as making the switch to a fixed rate mortgage or lowering your monthly payment.
  • VA Cash Out Refinance: You can get quick cash when you tap into your home equity with the VA cash out refinance option. You can also make the switch to a VA-backed loan if you are currently on a non-VA one.

Other VA Loan Programs for Naval Station Everett Community

If you need to make use of other VA loan programs, below are some options you can consider:

  • VA Renovation Loan
  • VA Jumbo Loan, for those who require a higher loan amount than the limits of the VA home loan
  • … and more!

PCS Planning for Naval Station Everett Community

Are you getting ready for a Permanent Change of Station (PCS)? If so, you can turn to our team to assist you with pre-approval and to advise on the best financing option. All you need to do is get your financial statements ready for our review.

From there, we can connect you with a real estate agent who has experience with military buyers, obtain your VA certificate, and confirm your entitlement. If making the switch to a different loan program is in your best interests, you can trust us to make the right recommendation.

Why Choose West Coast Veterans for Your VA Home Loans?

You can come to us at West Coast Veterans when you require assistance to make your next move go smoothly. As all our team members have experience and ties with the military, we are able to understand your needs and concerns fully. Let us help you sort through the details so that you and your family can move without worries.

If you have any questions about our VA home loans for Naval Station Everett community, feel free to contact us today.

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Naval Station Everett Community

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